All of our packages are shipped from Japan using the “Japan Post” Japanese Postal Service.You can choose Between 3 services: Economy SAL shipping, Airmail shipping and EMS shipping.


All Shipping fees and options are visible in your cart.Some items, because of their size/weight/value can only be sent by EMS (See details below).


Items are usually sent 3 to 8 days after the date of purchase.
This delay is an estimate. Shipping time can sometimes be longer, for example, in the case of pre-orders.


To provide convenience and choice for our customers, offers different shipping options. When you place an order, a detailed list of all available shipping options will be displayed. We invite you to choose the one that suits you best.The default shipping options are regular SAL & Airmail, Registered SAL & Airmail, and EMS.Here are their characteristics:

 SALAIRRegistered SALRegistered AirmailEMS
Protected packet

Available in some countries onlyAvailable in some countries only
Weight limit2kg2kg2kg2kgNone
Size limit90 Cm (The total of the width, length and depth of the shipping box must not exceed 90 cm.)90 Cm (The total of the width, length and depth of the shipping box must not exceed 90 cm.)90 Cm (The total of the width, length and depth of the shipping box must not exceed 90 cm.)90 Cm (The total of the width, length and depth of the shipping box must not exceed 90 cm.)None
Refund if lostOptionalOptional


Packages shipped via SAL and Airmail are shipped “as is” without tracking or insurance. Once a package has left our offices, liability for successful shipment is assumed by JP Post and your country’s local postal service or shipping provider. Japan-best assumes no responsibility for delay or loss of your package. We are unable to issue replacements or refunds for items lost in this manner. Any complaints or claims should be filed with your local postal provider. If you wish to opt for a more secure shipment, please upgrade to Registered SAL, Registered Airmail or EMS.

For SAL and Airmail estimate of delivery time, click here.


Regular SAL and Airmail do not provide an insurance by default. However, it is possible to add one. You can separately purchase that option in your shopping cart. In that case, your order will be shipped by Registered SAL or Airmail depending on which one you choose. In case of loss or non delivery, you will be eligible for a refund of up to 6000 yens. Registered SAL or Airmail offers a tracking service for the following countries only: China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Mongolia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Fiji, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, France, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg.Your tracking number is available in your account, in "History and details of my orders", click on the corresponding order and consult the message section at the bottom.

  • Insurance cost: 490 Yens per paquet.
  • One paquet can contains several products. See chart above for weight limits.

This option is not available for the following countries: Australia / Denmark / Finland / Germany / Greenland / Hungary / Norway / Poland


For Registered SAL and registered Airmail estimate of delivery time, click here.


EMS is the only shipping method that offers a tracking service for all countries.
Your tracking number is available in your account, in "History and details of my orders", you can follow the progress of your package.


Orders containing multiple products may be shipped in different packages. However, if you wish to have all of your products sent together in one package, please mention it during the order process. This option is only available for customers who choose EMS as a transporter (see weight and size limits for SAL and Airmail in the chart above).


Customers who chose a shipping option without tracking and insurance when a shipping option with tracking and insurance is available to them represents your recognition of the inherent risks of these shipping methods. As such, you agree to waive your right to claim non-arrival in the event that a delivery does not reach its destination. These shipping options include, but are not limited to, SAL and Airmail. Conversely, you recognize that choosing a trackable shipping method (EMS, Registered mail) does not incur these risks and by accepting a different shipping option you are accepting those inherent risks.


Although we endeavor to give the best estimate for the weight of our products, there may be times when the shipping weight of a product is actually superior to our estimate. In which case, reserves itself the right to change the transporter so that your order can be shipped to you within the shipping cost that were charged for your order. If the weight exceeds the estimate to the point that your payment is not sufficient to cover for the shipping costs, we may, at our own discretion, cancel the sale and refund you.


With you do not have to pay custom fees*. Most of the time, paquets are delivered without custom fees being applied. But if This was to happen, please follow those steps.

  • As soon as you receive the notice from the customs, login to your account
  • go to your order history
  • Find the corresponding order
  • Contact us and attach the documents you received from the customs
  • Wait for our answer

The refund will be redeemed to you as a voucher to be used in our shop. *This offer is valid for orders of a maximum value of 15 000 Yens. Not including shipping fees. Also, the amount of taxes to pay must not exceed 20% of the value of the product. This voucher is valid for a period of 40 Days.

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